Comment et où trouver un bon Freelance informatique?



I do not know you but me who wishes to have my site and a mobile application to launch my business, this question, I ask myself now.

It is sometimes complex when you want to see your project born on the web to know who to contact and especially who to trust. Indeed, this is for certain a first experience in the matter and it is not clear who to turn to to launch the project.

Finding the right freelancer leads us to answer different questions:

  • How to search for the person?
  • Which reliable site can I go to contact a developer?
  • How to assess the rates offered by freelance for his remuneration?
  • How to build the project and bring it to life in the image of what we had imagined ?

I myself do not have the answer to these different questions, but I imagine that Devsprof could allow me to find a teacher to manage on my own, without necessarily asking a freelance developer.

However, you have to be lucid, the business would be difficult. There are platforms that allow applicants to post their ad so that developers can respond positively, such as:

Malt – – –

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